3 reasons to rethink your digital strategy

As a small business owner you probably have a website and you post some content on social media but, are you maximizing the potential that an effective digital strategy can add to your business? Consider your brand mission and your business goals. Whether you want to raise awareness amongst your target audience or, increase sales of a specific product or, build a steady revenue stream across the year; improving your digital presence and implementing the right kind of digital marketing activity will help you realise these goals.

To succeed in a competitive marketplace a small business needs to incorporate digital into their overall growth strategy and they need to do it well. Often small businesses face the biggest challenges and below are 3 reasons to rethink your digital strategy:

1. Digital evolves quickly
The digital world is complex and evolving quickly. It’s also a world full of acronyms and emerging trends. In 2018 Instagram launched IGTV and Google released their EAT algorithm. And we’re constantly hearing about voice search and the importance of video. You might also be wondering if you need a responsive website – hint: yes, you do! When did you last sit down and review the digital trends that are relevant to your business? It’s difficult to know where to start and most importantly why but you should not sit still or ignore the changes.

2. We live in a constantly connected era
Your customers are more digitally engaged than ever before and want to discover brands wherever they are and whenever they find the time. We check our phones on average 28 times a day*. We browse multiple websites and use multiple apps, we have our favourite social media channel and Google is arguably our most knowledgeable friend. It’s time to improve your brand’s discoverability amongst local audiences with a winning digital presence and make it easy for customers to choose you over the competition.

3. First impressions are everything
Just like in the real world first impressions are everything online. Each of your brand’s digital destinations only has about 3 seconds to impress, if a user doesn’t like what they see they will either hit the back button or the X top right of their screen. You’ve more than likely put in a lot of effort to get that user to your Facebook page, maybe even paid for that visit to your website, so make sure you are showcasing your brand effectively and guiding users swiftly to what it is you want them to do e.g. make a reservation. Look at each of your digital destinations and imagine you are discovering your brand online for the first time Do you get a consistent brand experience? Do you understand the story and proposition of your brand?

If the above has inspired you to rethink your digital strategy and you want a personalised service for your business, please get in touch with us. Hi Digital are a boutique, digital agency dedicated to helping start-ups and small businesses to fulfil their goals, with a winning digital presence and effective use of digital marketing. Find out more about what we do and how we can help your unique brand.

*Source: Independent – Average Briton checks their phone 10,000 time a year UK study, 2017