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It takes ambition, courage, and passion to turn a business idea into a reality. These are all key traits we admire in our clients and we want to help more small businesses to thrive by embracing digital marketing and achieving great results.

Every small business needs a great online presence – your customers are online and your brand should be too! Whether you are a start up brand or established local business, We believe every business is unique and tailor our services to your aspirations, to learn more please schedule a free consultation with our digital marketing experts.


What our clients say


  • 1 You have bags of spirit and passion

    You live and breathe your brand, you know it inside-out, you’ve nurtured it from the very beginning and you want it to succeed. Your kind of spirit and passion is unique in small businesses. We love being around entrepreneurial energy and making ideas happen. We are do-ers too. And we “do” with good reason not just because.

  • 2 Your business is unique

    We believe every brand is different because every company operates differently. It’s not just about the product or the service. It’s the full business: the leadership, the team, the goals, the dreams, and all the little details that make your brand “your brand”. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and your Hi Digital solution will be tailored to your brand.

  • 3 Cashflow is everything

    Managing cashflow is a priority for most start-ups and small businesses, particularly during the early stages. Often, most time and energy in small teams is spent chasing sales and new business. And you typically feel every expense and are apprehensive about long term commitments like staff and agency retainers. We don’t offer a retainer business model (unless you want one). Our pricing model is competitive, great value and always tailored your digital needs.

  • 4 Time is your biggest challenge

    As a small business owner you typically wear multiple hats from ‘new business’ to ‘HR’, and ‘FD’ to ‘marketing’. You do a bit of everything because you can’t quite justify bringing in a specialist for each area – yet! You’ve got loads of ideas but finding the time to make them happen is towards the bottom of your to do list. Prioritisation is key for every part of your business especially a complex area like digital. You don’t need to try everything, it would be impossible to – let us advise you where to focus and why.

  • 5 You need strategic digital expertise

    Congratulations! You’ve created a brand and you’re open (or nearly open) for business. Your next challenge is to make sure the right people know about it. And for this you need strategic digital expertise. Recruiting a full-time person with the right level of skills and experience is expensive and it’s likely you don’t have enough work to fill a full-time role. The most effective solution is to outsource. However, you need to ensure you consider the full digital picture, not just one channel (e.g. social media) otherwise, you’re at risk of communicating with your customers in silos which is not ideal for the connected consumer of today.


Whether you’re an ecommerce brand or B2B service provider, we will devise a bespoke digital marketing strategy to get you closer to your goals! Please get in touch to book your free consultation with our accomplished team.



As a young, independent Intellectual Property (IP) Law Firm led by two-highly experienced Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys the pace of growth from Sonder IP’s personal network was slower than anticipated. They had a clear ambition to attract more enquiries from outside their network and build awareness of their brand online.

In December 2019, they appointed Hi Digital to provide strategic digital marketing expertise and our goal was simple: we had to get Sonder IP ready for a new phase of growth and help drive it!



Founded in 2015, Kendrick PR thrive on creating winning formulas of strategic and tactical PR support for premium beauty brands, aesthetic clinics, practitioners and entrepreneurs. They are an experienced team led by award-winning communications consultant Julia Kendrick with a reputation for outstanding results and an enviable client portfolio.

In June 2020, they appointed Hi Digital to provide strategic digital marketing expertise and ours goal were to increase their brand discoverability online, optimise their digital presence, and drive more quality enquiries from target clients.


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We believe every business is unique and tailor our services to your aspirations. Send us a message using this form and schedule your free consultation with our digital marketing experts.

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