8 benefits of video in your digital marketing strategy

3 April 2019

There has been talk about the importance of video within a brand’s digital marketing strategy for the past decade, when I worked at one particular British fashion brand 9 years ago about half of the marketing budget was invested in video and the campaign was a flop. Why? Because the masses were not consuming video in their everyday life, videos were watched predominantly on YouTube and audiences were niche and very young.

2018 was a fantastic year for video as few of us were rarely without a smartphone to hand and Stories were introduced by Instagram and Facebook, making video much more accessible. It finally feels like video marketing is having it’s moment and can boast measurable benefits to marketers and brands. And as such I feel comfortable incorporating video into the digital marketing strategies we devise for Hi Digital’s small business and startup clients. Video is no longer just for big budget global brands or TV commercials – hurray! Read on to discover 8 benefits of incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy.

1. Customers want to see video content from your brand
There are some noteworthy video marketing stats being shared right now and the most important one is that 87% of people would like to see video from brands in 2019¹! In 2018, Instagram reported an 80% YOY increase in time spent watching videos and the number of videos posts being created each day had quadrupled versus 2017². Over on YouTube users watch over 1 billion hours of content every day and over half of all videos viewed online in anywhere are on a mobile³. Video is now part of our everyday life and users are hungry for more.

2. Videos tell great stories
From explainer videos to quirky stop motion animation, and glossy brand videos to raw behind the scenes or on-the-go footage. There are many ways brands can create video content, the first step is identifying the right style(s) to connect your brand with your target audience. Define your story and deliver it well, as the famous saying goes the art of telling a great story is all in the execution.

3. Broadcast videos on multiple channels
Don’t invest in video and just add it to your website, this strategy is expensive and limits your ROI, use it to reach new audiences on a variety of channels and platforms. Plan where you intend to broadcast your videos and ensure that your project brief clearly lists each format. For the producer this means they’ll have to shoot from multiple angles such as vertical, square, wide angle etc. It’s essential you partner with an experienced digital marketing and video production agency so that you are not caught short in post-production with only one video format.

4. Find and engage new customers
Videos can be used to advertise your brand in multiple placements on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. These sites have fantastic targeting available so you can ensure your budget is only spent attracting the right customers for your brand. As per benefit #3 ensure you have your media plan mapped out before you brief your video project so that you will have content that performs well in each placement.

5. Value for money
Video may not be as expensive as you think, always strive for value for money by producing content with longevity and create content to broadcast in multiple places. Think of producing video for your brand as a series rather than one blockbuster film. For example, create content to last you six months then share and promote it on a pre-determined schedule. Just like websites, many cheap video templates exist but Hi Digital always recommend creating your own unique style. Make it easy for customers to identify, understand and want your brand with tailormade video content.

6. Video is great for SEO
Always add video to your website. Put very simply, Google loves video and it can help your website increase its search engine results page (SERP) rank. Why does Google do this? It knows how much users love to consume video and if your video is relevant to the rest of your website and adds value to users you’ll be rewarded. Video can increase dwell time on your website, increase traffic by as much as 157% from search engine results and encourage quality backlinks from other websites*. All of this combined is quality SEO and impresses Google’s bots.

7. Partner with influencers
They dominate in terms of views on Youtube, with 80% share of views vs just 2% from brands in 2018, the rest are media companies such as Buzzfeed**. Just sharing on your brand channel is not going to have much impact but when it comes to influencer marketing authenticity is key. Consider the following questions: Is your audience on YouTube, Instagram or somewhere else? Which influencers are influencing them? Would the influencer provide a relevant, genuine endorsement for your brand? Influencers create fantastic video content day-to-day and partnering with the right one(s) could add tonnes of value to your brand.

8. Define and measure success
As with any investment its important to set objectives and define goals. What is it that you want to achieve from your marketing strategy? It’s likely that video can help. For example, if you are a new brand with a unique story, product or service to explain and your target customers are likely to be on Instagram – it’s extremely likely that video will help your business succeed. Two key metrics to consider for your videos are views (the number of times your video has been watched) and the viewer drop off rate (how many seconds do users typically watch your video for). An effective video marketing strategy delivers high views amongst your target audience and engages them in your video for more than a few seconds.

Are you considering incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy but don’t know where to start? We’d love to help you create the right content to help grow your brand and business. We have access to a fantastic network of local talent and together we produce creative to truly engage customers with your brand. Please email us or get in touch using the form below to schedule a free consultation with us.

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